Dialog: Her Plan

Fathimah: Hallo Aulia! What will you do next holiday?
Aulia:       I will celebrate my birthday party in Lombok
Fathimah: Wow, it's amazing! When will you do it?
Aulia:       I will go to Lombok a week before my birthday
Fathimah: With whom will you do it?
Aulia:       I will celebrate my birthday with family
Fathimah: Why do you choose Lombok to celebrate your birthday party?
Aulia:       Because I want to celebrate it on the Senggigi Beach, it's so wonderful beach
Fathimah: How will you go there?
Aulia:       I will go there by plane
Fathimah: Okay, have a nice holiday and happy birthday for you!
Aulia:       Thank you, would you like to come to my birthday party?
Fathimah: I think Lombok is too far haha
Aulia:       It's okay

Application Form

UNHCR MOSCOW                                                                   Internship Scheme

 Family Name First/Given Name Fathimah Athiya Rahmah Gender (M/F) Female

Date of Birth (Day/Month/Year) 9/04/2002 Place of Birth Bandung Present Nationality Indonesian

Date available for internship.
From: 10/08/2017 To: 11/08/2017
Are you interested in a part-time internship?               Yes (  *   )  No  (     )

What are your preferred areas of work?  1/

What are your objectives in undertaking an internship with UNHCR?

Languages  -  Mother tongue:   ____________________________________

Dialogue with friends

Mawar  : "Hello! I'm Mawar, what's your name?"
Putri      : "My name is Putri, nice to meet you Mawar!"
Mawar  : "Yeah! Nice to meet you too!"
Putri      : "Are you a student or you have a job?"
Mawar  : "I'm a teacher"
Putri      : "Really? I think you are a student because your face look so baby face"
Mawar  : "How about you? Where you working at?"
Putri      : "I work at bank near from this restaurant"
Mawar  : "Are you usually have a lunch here?"
Putri      : "Yeah, sometimes I think"
Mawar  : "Yeah, me too"

it's me

Hello! Let me introduce myself. My name is Fathimah Athiya Rahmah just call me Fathimah or Fathim.I am a female.  I was born in Bandung on 9th April 2002. I live in Jalan Lebak no. 260 Bandung. There are 5 person in my family. My mom, my dad, my sister,me,and my grandma. I live with my grandma since 2009 because my grandpa was gone.        My previous school is Asy-Syifa 2 elementary school and junior highschool 14. And now I’m studying on  10th grade of senior highschool 3. Since on elementary school, I don’t like sport because I can’t. But now I’ve learned a little bit because I don’t want my grades bad.        Oh ya, my hobby is reading novels but I like to read my sister’s novels because her novels is fun. And I like to watch movies with my sister. Sometimes I like to watch korean drama because my sister like to watch it so I am interested. Especially if the actor in korean drama is lee min ho! I will be very interested because he is so handsome.        From children, I …