Future Tense: Watch Movie

A: Hey! Where will you go tomorrow?
B: I don't know. What about you?
A: Neither do I. Do you want to go with me?
B: Where will we go?
A: How about going to the movie?
B: That's a good idea! What movie will we watch?
A: Hmm, that's up to you
B: Actually I want to watch Maze Runner. Have you been watching?
A: Not yet. Let's watch it!
B: What time will we watch?
A: How about at 13 o'clock?
B: Okay. See you tomorrow!
A: See you!

Vlog Edu Passion

15th February 2018 My friends and I made a vlog on Edu Passion event. There is the vlog, Happy Watching!

West Kalimantan

West Kalimantan is one of province in Indonesia. It is one of five Indonesian Provinces in Kalimantan. Its capital city is Pontianak. On January 1, 1957 West Kalimantan officially became a stand-alone province on the island of Borneo. The law also forms the basis for the establishment of two other provinces on the largest island in the archipelago. The two provinces are South Kalimantan and East Kalimantan.
     The province has an area of one hundred million fourty seven thousand three hundred and seven square kilometers. Ethnic groups include Dayak, Malay, Chinese, Javanese, Bugis, and others. The majority of the embraced Islam.      The province shares land borders with Central Kalimantan to the southeast, East Kalimantan to the east, and the Malaysian territory of Sarawak to the north. The governor of West Kalimantan is Cornelis and the vice governor is Christiandy Sanjaya. The languages used are Indonesian, malay language, dayak, and chinese.      West Kalimantan is an area …